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Reasons Behind Your BMW’s Check Engine Light Activating

Reasons Behind Your BMW’s Check Engine Light Activating

All vehicles are incredibly complex machines, especially those which have been intelligently engineered and thoughtfully designed, such as BMW. Because of this, your car has a variety of systems in place to protect you and your car from the effects of severe part failure. One such system is the check engine warning light. Below, you can find out how the light works as well as the types of part failure which can cause it to illuminate.

What is the check engine light?

The Engine Management Light (EML) or check engine light is a warning indicator which is found on your BMW’s dashboard. It will illuminate when more severe issues are detected in your vehicle’s systems or parts which work with the engine and the connecting exhaust systems.

The engine management light connects directly to your BMW’s main computer, which is known as the ECU or Engine Control Unit. If the ECU detects an issue in one of the aforementioned systems, it will trigger the check engine light and send out an error code. This can be used to correctly diagnose and repair the problem.

How a driver should immediately respond to the EML depends on the severity of the issue. If the car still feels like its running fine, then lower your speed and drive it directly to a professional repair shop. However, if the EML lights up red or your car no longer feels safe, then pull over and call for a recovery vehicle to tow you to a repair shop.

Common Reasons Why the Check Engine Light may Illuminate

There are many reasons why this essential warning light may illuminate. Below, we have listed some of the most common reasons, how risky they are for your car, and how you should respond.

Vacuum Hose Leaks

Damage Level: Low
Response: Lower your speed and locate the nearest auto shop.

Vacuum hoses are needed to channel both fresh air as well as emissions around the engine to allow it to run correctly. They’re made of rubber and can be exposed to high temperatures inside the engine which can lead to them cracking or deteriorating over time. When this happens, the precise balance of gases can be thrown off-kilter, leading to the engine’s sensors reporting issues to the ECU.

Loose Filler Cap

Damage Level: Low
Response: Check the cap and replace as needed.

This issue is most commonly caused by drivers being distracted at the pumps and not correctly tightening their fuel cap. A loose cap allows extra air into the tank which distripts the pressure. This will cause one of the many sensors to detect an issue and inform the ECU. This is the most simple and most common cause for check engine light illumination and should always be ruled out first.

Fuel Pump Blockage

Damage Level: Medium
Response: Lower your speed and locate the nearest auto shop.

The fuel pump is what provides pressurized fuel to the fuel injectors. If the pump isn’t working correctly, then the fuel will not be able to be properly delivered to the engine, causing rough running. The engine light will be illuminated by the ECU and your BMW will likely be at an increased risk of misfires.

Soot on the Particulate Filter

Damage Level: High
What to do: Lower your speed and locate the nearest auto shop, or call for a tow.

The particulate filter is most commonly found in diesel models, but it is being introduced into gasoline cars too. The particulate filter is responsible for capturing the soot which is produced by the combustion process. If this filter becomes clogged, then this soot will settle inside the engine and start to contaminate the delicate parts inside. This issue needs to be resolved quickly as if the filter becomes damaged beyond repair, you are likely to be footing an expensive bill.

Turning Wrenches

Turning Wrenches of Louisville, KY are experts in BMW Particulate Filter Issue repairing, servicing, and maintaining European vehicles. We are open Monday through Friday to serve you. Our dedicated team will be able to diagnose and respond to your BMW’s issue quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Our friendly team is dedicated to making sure you drive away happy and safely. We are so confident in what we do that we offer a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty as a guarantee on our work. Call us today or stop by to speak to our technicians.

Best Louisville Garage to Repair Audi Engine Misfires

Best Louisville Garage to Repair Audi Engine Misfires

Owning a high-end and high-performance car such as an Audi comes with amazing driving experiences, incredible horsepower, and more. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t a handful of drawbacks you’ll need to account for as well. In the case of Audi, one of the problems most commonly experienced is engine misfires. Misfires can be worrying for drivers and can also pose a real threat to engine health. Therefore, it is essential that you try to prevent misfires from occurring, and when they do occur, decide to deal with them quickly. Let’s look at ways to recognize Audi engine misfires and discuss what to do about them.

Dissecting an Engine Misfire

Your Audi’s engine is a fine-tuned machine of various parts and systems that all need to work in a precise order in order to achieve ignition. For example, there are processes such as power delivery which helps ensure you have drive, combustion which gives the energy for drive, and so on. When one of these important steps are skipped, the cycle is interrupted, causing engine misfires. A misfire may not be bad enough to cause your vehicle to fail to start. Instead, you might only notice minor misfires when driving, such as jerks, shakes, and rough idling.

Misfires can occur for many reasons such as lean misfire, where the air and fuel ratio is incorrect. Ignition misfire occurs when the fuel isn’t ignited. Last, mechanical misfires involve issues with any of the engine’s mechanical parts. Audi is known to experience all three of these types of misfire.

Common Causes of a Misfiring Audi

1. Pushing your Audi to the Limit

While one of the pleasures of a high-performance sports car is the extra horsepower you can access, pushing your car to its limits for that rush of speed. However, asking too much of your engine for too long or too often can really impact its overall health. If you want your Audi to have a long lifespan, we recommend easing off the need for a quick launch.

2. Failing Spark Plugs

Spark plugs work very hard to ensure you engine performs well. Because of this, depending on the type of plug used in your Audi, their lifespan can range between 30,000-50,000 miles for standard plugs or 80,000-100,000 for precious metal tipped plugs. Spark plugs that go past this lifespan or that become faulty or damaged will work less effectively than fresh or newly-serviced plugs. Replacing spark plugs at home is possible, but does take a little know-how. To do this, you first need to locate your Audi’s spark plugs and assess their overall condition. If there is contamination on the plugs or the metal is worn down, then you should seek replacement. You can do this at home with a how-to guide, or for complete peace of mind, bring your Audi into a specialist shop where they can also inspect your overall system and diagnose any issues before them become problems.

3. Failed Spark Plug Wires

To provide power to the plugs, spark plug wires need to be in perfect condition. When they become aged, they can be a prime culprit for misfires and will need replacing. This can be done at home if you feel confident in your ability to do so. If not, your trusted local Audi specialist will be happy to help you quickly and efficiently.

4. Fuel Injector Failure

You engine needs to have fuel delivered into the combustion chamber at the precise spray pressure and pattern. To do this, it relies on fuel injectors. However, given time and use, the injector nozzles can become clogged with debris, affecting their performance. The hose they are connected to can also become damaged, leading to vacuum leaks. These leaks can contribute to catastrophic engine failure if left unchecked. To prevent this, you should have your fuel injectors checked and serviced by an experienced professional who can alert you when it is time to replace any of the parts of the fuel injection system to help preserve your Audi’s overall engine health.

Audi Spark Plug Check

Turning Wrenches Will Help

Turning Wrenches of Louisville, KY are on hand to help you with your misfiring Audi. We are your local Audi experts who know your model of car inside out. We will get to the root of your problem and resolve it for you lightning fast to get you back on the road safely without dealership costs. Call us today for an appointment.



If you’re looking for the leading auto repair in or around Louisville, look no further than Turning Wrenches! Our highly-trained auto mechanics prove a time and time again that they are leaders in auto repair and genuine customer service. We love the part of the country that we live in and are proud what the great city of Louisville has to offer. Horse racing and Bourbon-loving folks love what makes our city intriguing. However, not everyone is aware that we’re associated with pizza!

One of the biggest pizza delivery and take-out companies in America, Papa John’s, is headquartered right here in Louisville! Currently, this pizza franchise is in 3rd place after two other familiar pizza delivery brands- Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. Papa John’s company is located in Jeffersontown, which is a suburb of Louisville. Their slogan is “Better Ingredients for Better Pizza.” Currently, there are almost 4,000 Papa John’s counters (and 2600 of them are just in the United States!) People in 32 countries around the world are eating this pizza!

Our team at Turning Wrenches takes pride in auto repair and our special city of Louisville! We love sharing these types of interesting facts with our clients because we add a personalized touch to how we connect with them. Other auto repair shops and dealerships often view clients as a number and just want them in and out. That’s not how we operate. If we don’t act with integrity, we’re not doing our job right.

If you’d like our highly trained and capable auto mechanics to provide premier auto repair on your vehicle, contact us at Turning Wrenches. We’re located at 1701 Mellwood Ave., Louisville, KY 40206. Our team looks forward to your visit!

Best Gifts for Mercedes Owners

Best Gifts for Mercedes Owners

Turning Wrenches is your premier choice for auto repair in Louisville. Our team of Factory-Trained and Master-Certified auto mechanics specializes mostly in the auto repair of Mercedes-Benz models. If you need gifts for your Mercedes-loving friends and family, consider the following items. Any of these presents would be a welcomed addition for anyone in your life who has a passion for this luxury vehicle.

Mercedes Benz Ladies’ Bonded Soft Shell Jacket: This comfortable and fashionable jacket is ideal for women everywhere. It’s made with a three-layer bonded polyester that contains microfleece. It also has a reversed coil front zipper and a stand-up collar. Also, she’ll be protected on a rainy day as this stylish coat is water resistant, and obviously one of the most appealing features of the jacket is the Mercedes-Benz logo!

Mercedes Benz R-Class Bicycle Rack: Perhaps you have a bicycle-riding loved one in your life who would appreciate a bicycle rack for transporting hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, or racing bikes. This Mercedes Benz-R Class Rack attaches to the roof and can hold up to 4 bikes (and one key can lock them all!) It’s extremely light because it’s made of aluminum and steel and only weighs 5 ½ pounds. If their bicycle is not a standard cycle frame, there’s an expanding strap that will keep it secure on the vehicle.

Mercedes Benz Dash Cover: Dashboard covers are a great way to increase the lifespan and condition of the car’s interior. The Mercedes Benz Dash Cover is designed to be the exact shape of the original dash. It’s installed on top of the dashboard and remains in place because it comes with silicone adhesive. The installation is quick, easy, and no tools need to be used. There are also many colors to choose from.

Let the team at Turning Wrenches know if you need any more suggestions for gifts! We love connecting with our clients as we truly do take a genuine interest in them. Customers stay with us for years because of this personalized touch. Our auto technicians are excellent for auto repair because they love what they do! We continue to get 5-star reviews from satisfied clients because our commitment to our customers and their vehicles is unmatched by other auto repair shops and dealerships.

If you’d like our highly trained and capable auto mechanics to provide premier auto repair on your vehicle, contact us at Turning Wrenches. We’re located at 1701 Mellwood Ave., Louisville, KY 40206. Our team looks forward to your visit!

How Technological Innovations Are Transforming The Auto Repair Industry

How Technological Innovations Are Transforming The Auto Repair Industry

When it comes to auto repair, the team of highly educated auto mechanics at Turning Wrenches in Louisville are always up-to-date on the innovations happening in the industry. New technologies are being experimented with regularly, and Mercedes has always been a leader in these cutting-edge advancements. Here are three new things to expect in the world of automobiles shortly:

Self-Driving Cars: The future has arrived! Yes, many of us have seen self-driving cars in the movies, and now it’s something you’re likely to see sooner than you think. Google engineers in Nevada and California have already been testing these vehicles on public roads and highways. In the next decade, it’s looking like we’ll start to see these self-driving cars in showrooms.

Airbags that Helps to Stop Cars: Could an airbag help stop a car before a crash? Mercedes has been testing airbags that are outside a vehicle and deploy from the bottom of the automobile. When the sensors determine that a collision is unavoidable, the bags will open up. There’s friction coating on the airbags that allows the car to slow down and can increase the stopping power of the vehicle. The bags also improves bumper-to-bumper contact and assists in preventing people in the vehicle from sliding under seatbelts if there is a collision.

Energy Storing Body Panels: Body Panels that can store energy and charge faster are already being experimented with in Europe. They’ll be able to capture the energy created by technologies (like regenerative braking). The energy storing body panels are good news for the environment because the smaller battery would wipe out the wasted energy used to shift the weight of the batteries.

The Factory-Certified and Master-Certified auto technicians at Turning Wrenches are savvy at auto repair because we’re always up-to-date on current advancements. At our state-of-art facilities, we use only the most current tools, diagnostic systems, and equipment. Since Mercedes is so ahead of the curve on what to expect in the future in the automobile world, you can trust that the team at Turning Wrenches is always growing, changing, and improving right along with the industry.

If you’d like our highly trained and capable auto mechanics to provide premier auto repair on your vehicle, contact us at Turning Wrenches. We’re located at 1701 Mellwood Ave., Louisville, KY 40206. Our team looks forward to your visit!

Cool Things You May Not Know About Your Mercedes

Cool Things You May Not Know About Your Mercedes

Turning Wrenches is the go-to choice for Mercedes-Benz service and repair in Louisville. Our highly trained auto mechanics have been performing thorough and accurate auto repair services on these cars for years, so we like to consider ourselves experts! Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. However, the history of this automobile has some interesting facts that you might not be aware of. Here are a few three things that might surprise you:

  1. The First Person to Own a Driving License: The founder of Mercedes-Benz and inventor of the car, Karl Benz, was the first individual to be given a driver’s license. In 1888, the citizens of Mannheim, Germany were complaining about the load deafening sounds and smell produced by Motorwagen. Karl Benz received written permission from the Grand Ducal Authority to operate his vehicle on public roads.
  2. An Automobile that Resembles a Fish: The yellow boxfish, a fish that lives in coral reefs and is a native of the Indo-Pacific region was the inspiration for the exterior design of the Mercedes-Benz Bionic. The shape creates an excellent aerodynamic efficiency, so Mercedes-Benz was able to recreate the vehicle.
  3. Cars that Smell Better: Mercedes-Benz has an “active perfuming system” on the S-Class which releases four different fragrances created by Marc Von Ende. Car drivers can pick between four scents that were designed to complement the leather smell: Sports Mood (floral and outdoors), Downtown Mood (floral and musk), Freeside Mood (citrus), and Nightlife Mood (leather and wood).

At Turning Wrenches, we deeply value the relationships that we create with our clients. Long-term customers stay with us over the years because we continue to prove time and time again that our ability to offer incredible auto repair service is unrivaled by the other car service centers. Our auto technicians are either Factory-Certified or Master-Certified and are the leading Mercedes technicians in the region. Our mission is to make your experience with us comfortable and seamless.

If you’d like our highly trained and capable auto mechanics to provide premier auto repair on your vehicle, contact us at Turning Wrenches. We’re located at 1701 Mellwood Ave., Louisville, KY 40206. Our team looks forward to your visit!

Springtime Potholes: What You Can Do To Protect Your Vehicle

Springtime Potholes: What You Can Do To Protect Your Vehicle

With Spring arriving, the team of auto mechanics at Turning Wrenches in Louisville wants our clients to be mindful of potholes that often develop after the winter thaw. These annoying holes in the road can cause safety issues and car damage that could lead to substantial auto repair costs. If drivers report the loss to the city of Louisville, it is possible to get reimbursed for damages. However, the best bet would be to stay clear of potholes altogether! The team at Turning Wrenches has some suggestions on how to avoid these cracks the road:

  1. Grip the Wheel and Reduce Speed: If you can’t avoid the pothole, slow down so the impact won’t be as severe. To avoid losing control of the vehicle, grip the steering wheel firmly. It’s crucial not to use the brakes on a pothole as that could cause more damage to the car.
  2. Maintain Tire Pressure: Make sure that your automobile’s tires are correctly inflated (according to the car’s manufacturer).
  3. Be Mindful of Signs of Trouble: If you do hit a pothole, be aware of problems that immediately arise. For example, it could knock your automobile’s wheels out of alignment, which could cause your vehicle to veer in one direction and ultimately it could cause uneven wear on tires.
  4. Focus On Driving and Watch Out for Puddles: Pay close attention to the road and watch out for puddles. Sometimes puddles are potholes that are hard to detect.

If your car does end up getting pothole damage, our team at Turning Wrenches has your back! Our auto technicians have been repairing these types of damages for years. If these auto repairs are a quick fix, feel free to hang out in our beautiful waiting area with coffee, snacks, and free wifi. There are also some lovely stores and restaurants in our shop’s neighborhood. If our technicians need longer, we’re happy to provide you with a discounted Enterprise rental car.

When a pothole does cause damage to your car, report it to the city of Louisville. Turning Wrenches suggests that you contact the Road Department or the local Department of Transportation to be sure that it’s repaired in a timely manner. If you’d like our highly trained auto mechanics to provide auto repair on your vehicle, contact us at Turning Wrenches. We’re located at 1701 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, KY 40206. Our team looks forward to your visit!

Acid Rain and How It Affects Your Paint

Acid Rain and How It Affects Your Paint

Our team of knowledgeable auto mechanics at Turning Wrenches in Louisville are the trusted source for accurate and thorough auto repair services. It’s our mission to provide stellar auto repair, impeccable customer service, and take those extra steps to keep our clients abreast of things that could harm their vehicle.

For example, acid rain can cause significant damage to the paint on your car. Anything water based that falls from the sky is considered acid rain, which could include rain, dew, and snow. These elements could cause issues when it comes to your automobile’s exterior because the acidity of the water could cause the paint (and even the metal) to weaken over time. However, there are some ways to prevent this damage.

Our team at Turning Wrenches in Louisville suggests that you wash your vehicle frequently to prevent damage caused by acid rain. A professional car wash not only keeps a car protected and clean but also helps to avoid damage acid rain can create. Washing a vehicle regularly lessens the amount of acidic material left on the car, and when the car is clean, there will be nothing left to cause more damage. Also, hand drying the vehicle or completely covering the automobile when precipitation occurs can prevent problems caused by acid rain.

Our team at Turning Wrenches indeed has the best interest of our customers at heart. We want you to be driving a vehicle free and clear of damage caused by acid rain. We have customers who stay with us year after year because of our genuine commitment to educating clients, performing quality auto repairs, and offering above and beyond customer service. Our auto technicians are ready, willing, able to provide you an auto repair experience that will be unmatched by our competitors.

If you’d like our highly trained and capable auto mechanics to provide premier auto repair on your vehicle, contact us at Turning Wrenches. We’re located at 1701 Mellwood Ave., Louisville, KY 40206. Our team looks forward to your visit!

Why Salt Is Bad For Your Car

Why Salt Is Bad For Your Car

With winter approaching in Louisville, salt crews have been prepping the roads for the inclement weather. However, salt can cause damage to the car, and the auto mechanics at Turning Wrenches can assist with the auto repair if the salt damages your vehicle. Sometimes the problem areas might not be visible, and our team of talented technicians would be happy to make sure that your car is functioning properly.

While road salt is crucial to make winter driving safer, it’s also corrosive and can cause significant car problems over the long haul. The rotting can harm the vehicle’s frame, coil springs, and muffler systems. Salt can cause brake lines and fuel lines to freeze which could cause danger. Because of the way an automobile is built, the majority of salt damage happens underneath the car, making it difficult to detect. The team of auto technicians at Turning Wrenches highly recommend that you allow professionals to inspect those hard to reach and see areas, so you and your passengers feel more secure on the winter roads.

When you visit Turning Wrenches for auto repair related to salt damage, our team will take the time to perform accurate service and educate you about ways to prevent further damage. We’re so confident in our work that we offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. We even perform a full digital inspection that’s called “Safety and Reliability Inspection.” Our technicians will send pictures of the parts that are malfunctioning because our team wants to keep the lines of communication open with our valued clients. Our customers mean the world to us, so we take those extra steps that convince new customers to become long-term clients.

When salt on the roads causes damage to your car, we have you covered! If you’d like our highly trained auto mechanics to assist and provide thorough and top-notch auto repair, contact us at Turning Wrenches. We’re located at 1701 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, KY 40206. Our team looks forward to your visit!

Best Restaurants That Are Worth The Drive In Louisville

Best Restaurants That Are Worth The Drive In Louisville

It’s true. We all tend to fall into ruts especially when it comes to eating out. Studies show that most of us tend to go to the same restaurant and then order the same meal time after time. Talk about a bore. Sometimes, it pays to step out of your comfort zone. But before you go, stop by and see Levi at Turning Wrenches — one of the best auto repair shops with some of the most qualified auto mechanics in Louisville to ensure your vehicle is up for the drive.

Louisville boasts a wide variety of flavors well worth the drive. Here are some of the most popular:

Proof on Main: In the 21c Museum Hotel, the museum galleries spill into the dining room where rotating contemporary art exhibitions create the perfect setting for fabulous dishes created by Chef Levon Wallace and his team.

Mayan Cafe: A pioneer in Louisville’s farm-to-table movement, Chef Ucán cooks crafts dishes inspired by his Mayan heritage.

Jack Fry’s: Since 1933, Jack Fry’s has been the go-to eatery for the authentic Louisville dining experience. Southern flavors served up with classical French technique. You won’t find a more authentic experience in town.

Vietnam Kitchen: This hole-in-the-wall is tucked in a strip mall between a laundromat and a dive bar in Louisville’s Iroquois neighborhood. Folks will travel well out of their way to indulge in the wide variety of tasty noodle bowls and vegetarian dishes.

Pat’s Steakhouse: Louisville’s signature steakhouse for more than 50 years. Aged, hand-cut beef isn’t the only thing on the menu; you can try frogs legs, pan-fried oysters and other side dishes, all served in the time-honored, family-style tradition with a complimentary dessert.

Don’t let a broken-down vehicle interrupt your night out on the town. Our team of auto technicians will make sure your imported car is running in tip-top shape. For auto repair backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and performed by top-notch auto mechanics, look no further than Turning Wrenches. You can easily schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 1701 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, KY 40206.

Dear Valued Customers,

After conferring with State and local officials and based on the relatively small number of personal interactions involved in our daily operation we have decided to continue to function and will be open regular hours. We have taken aggressive measures to sanitize surfaces that are prone to human touch and will do so on a continuing basis. In addition we will make certain that as we interface with you at the counter, handle your keys, answer questions and clean your car and take payment we will maintain proper distance and sanitize the touch points in your car. We are committed to your safety and well being and will comply with any restrictions imposed by authorities.

We are here to support all of our clients as best we can for as long as we can. Don't hesitate to call the shop with questions.

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